White Tea Shot
Recipe & Ingredients

Refreshing drinks are necessary to energize and stimulate the nerves. Nothing is better than a relishing fruity shot recipe, especially in the summer. White Tea Shot might be your primary choice as it’s a resourceful drink. Cheer up! The white tea shot recipe is quite simple; you just need to…

Vodka Sour Recipes

Salad Recipe

10 Easy and Delightful Vodka Sour Recipes Must Try at Home

Everyone is fond of vodka sour as it’s easy to make but in actuality, it’s challenging to get right. It stands out from other refreshing drinks because of the fresh sour mix, little amount of egg white, and smooth texture. Yeah! It has a smooth citrus flavor, just like an equilibrium between sour and sweet…

Lemon Cucumber Recipes

Salad Recipe

10 Easy & Wonderful Lemon Cucumber Recipes Everyone Must Try

Have you ever heard about Lemon cucumbers? Surprisingly, they are yellowish and come from vascular plants. They look like tennis balls in size and are quite similar to lemons. I’m sure a layperson can easily be confused between lemons and lemon cucumbers due to similarity….

DIY Pumfu Recipes

Salad Recipe

DIY Pumfu Recipes For Everyone – Delightful, More Protein & Healthy

I like Pumfu Recipes the most because it’s straightforward, can be prepared within minutes, provides healthy ingredients, and a perfect weeknight dinner. I always recommend everyone to try this relishing dish once in life and enjoy a lot of health benefits. The delicious meat with other savvy ingredients…

Shredded Carrot Recipes

Salad Recipe

10 Amazing and Delicious Shredded Carrot Recipes That Everyone Loves

Are you exhausted from old and boring carrots? No way! Carrots might be a perfect salad ingredient or come up with luscious side dishes. You can relish alone or with the family and can’t relax without saying, “Just wow”. You only need a new and innovative way to prepare salads…