DIY Pumfu Recipes For Everyone – Delightful, More Protein & Healthy

Pumfu Recipes

I like Pumfu Recipes the most because it’s straightforward, can be prepared within minutes, provides healthy ingredients, and a perfect weeknight dinner. I always recommend everyone to try this relishing dish once in life and enjoy a lot of health benefits. The delicious meat with other savvy ingredients forces you to say “Just Wow” while eating.

Remember that it’s not only a single dish but opens a lot of possibilities. There are several Pumfu recipes, but only a few of them are toothsome for everyone. This guide will be a game-changer if you are looking for the best pumfu recipes. Check out the top 10 recipes explained further in the article, and let you choose your favorite.

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What Is Meant By Pumfu?

In actuality, Puma is a great protein source, licensed and not genetically modified organism (Non-GMO) vegan protein. Have you ever seen tofu (milk-based soy)? Its texture is similar to soy-based tofu and organically extracted from pumpkin seeds. A soy-based tofu contains gluten, soy, and nuts, but Pump is free from all these ingredients.

Particularly, it contains high-profile protein and helps get rid of multiple types of soy allergies. It’s usually used in keto and vegan diets as a great substitute for nutritious meat. The meat that’s soy-free but has all its primary ingredients.

What Are The Types of Pumfu Products?

Pumfu has been divided into several categories based on essential ingredients but has only four major products. Such as:

1: Pumfu Sausage Crumble

Basically, it’s a seasonal product. If you like Italian food, its recipe is based on Italian sausage. One pack of Pumfu sausage crumble provides 11g of the original protein.

2: Pumfu Sloppy Joe

It’s also a seasonal pumpkin product and finely ground to mimic. Provides the taste of delicious sloppy joe along with little savory sweetness. One pack of Pumfu Sloppy Joe weighs 9g of protein.

3: Original Pumfu

It’s used as the final and best substitute for tofu. The reason is that both have identical textures and get the taste of regular tofu. No need to press it because it’s pre-pressed. Its one-pack contains almost 17g of protein.

4: Pumfu Chorizo Crumble

Like all the products, it’s also a seasoned product. The taste is the same as the Mexican chorizo. One pack of Pumfu Chorizo crumble contains 11g of protein.

Pumfu Stir-Fry (Vegan Almond Butter)

Do you like almonds? Try this healthy and most-loved vegan almond butter pumfu stir-Fry. It’s pretty simple to make and only needs a few ingredients. Moreover, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based (natural). The preparation time is almost 10 minutes, the cooking time 35 minutes, and the overall time 45 minutes. It involved preheating, baking, medium heating, and mixing the ingredients.


Red chilies.4
Original Pumfu (8 oz.).2
Almond Butter and Sesame Oil.4 tablespoons
Tamari Lite.8 tablespoons
Lime Juice and Garlic Sauce.4 tablespoons
Maple Syrup.6 tablespoons
Green Beans (chopped).2 pounds

Pumfu Recipes You Must Not Miss Out

Host your family, friends, or yourself with the all-time best Pumfu recipes. I have mentioned all the details to try them out right now. Let’s begin!

1.Crispy Air-Fryer Pumfu

Crispy Air-fryer Pumfu is the easiest, simplest, and favorite dish. The air-fryer involvement makes it delicious and calorie-free. The crisp tastes good, and kids can’t stop eating. For preparation, cut the ingredients into small pieces (bite-sized). Marinate precisely in a medium-sized bowl and put the pieces into the air-fryer. Let the air-fryer take the heavy lifting. Congrats! It’s ready in a few minutes and ready to go. Easy to serve and can act as a side dish for guests.


Block Pumfu (cut into bite-size pieces).1
Onion Powder and Sea Salt.½ teaspoon
Garlic Powder.1 teaspoon
Paprika.1 teaspoon
Cornstarch.2 teaspoons
Liquid Aminos.½ teaspoon
Sesame Oil. ½ teaspoon
Ground black pepper. ¼ teaspoon

2.Sesame Pumfu + Broccoli Bowl

Energize yourself with a full bowl of nutritions of golden Pumfu, broccoli, savory sesame ginger sauce, and brown quinoa rice. It’s also one of the perfect tofu alternatives and is flexible and versatile. The upper layer of tangy and sweet will make your day. Two ingredients, Pumfu and Broccoli, are seasoned and sauteed with pepper and salt. It’s necessary to bring its original taste and make it a healthy meal. Attempt it with confidence; you will surely like it.


Rice.2 packs
Broccoli (chopped into 1 inch pieces).2 packs
Oil.(for taste)
Salt (for taste)
Golden Pumfu (chopped).2 packs
Sauce Per Bowl.2-4 tablespoons

3.Gingery Pumfu Kohlrabi Noodles

Try this straightforward recipe for your kids at home: Kohlrabi noodles and golden pumfu. All ingredients are combined and sauteed with sesame ginger sauce to create an amazing savory taste. There is no rush for the ingredients because they can be prepared with only four essential ingredients. No complex recipe; marinate everything, add salt & pepper, and a perfect meal is ready to rush. It looks amazing while serving.


Golden chopped Pumfu
Saute edamame and sauce

4.Pumfu Protein Lettuce Wraps

Combine crispy Pumfu, fragrant aromatics, and coconut aminos in Pumfu Protein Lettuce Wraps. The added healthy vegetables make it more mouth-watering with carrots, bell peppers, edamame, and broccoli. Wonderful texture is given by adding a layer of garlic and onions. The squeeze of lemon juice makes it refreshing. Ready to serve on lettuce boats for a wonderful presentation. In short, it has a delightful taste, plenty of greens, and a healthy meal.


Pumfu1 pack
Romaine or butter Lettuce Leaves
Sesame Oil, Shelled Edamame, and Cauliflower Rice.½ tablespoon
Coconut Aminos ¼ cup
Chopped Broccoli1 cup
Chopped Mushroom and Onions ½ cup
Cloves Garlic2-4
Lemon juice, sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes.According you test

5.Pumfu Scramble

Do you like healthy breakfast? Pumfu scramble is a hygienic breakfast and can be ready in 20 minutes of struggle. The spiced and crumbled Pumfu are combined with vegetables and aromatics. Further, sauteed in a bowl and mixed properly. This process will bring another level of fragrance and flavor. In our experience, it contains healthy fibers, proteins, and vegas due to freshly chopped tomatoes. Tomatoes help bring a refreshing taste to breakfast. A perfect combination with toasted bread and bagels in the morning.


Pumfu.1 pack
Butter (or olive oil).1 teaspoon
Bell Pepper and Zucchini.½
Mushrooms (chopped).1 cup
onions.½ cup
Cloves Garlic2
Milk2 tablespoons
Turmeric and Nutritional Yeast.1 tablespoon
Cumin and Paprika.½ tablespoon
Fresh Tomato1
Salt and pepper.According your test

6.Heart-Healthy Curried Pumfu Stir-Fry

Do you want to try something minimal? Heart-healthy Curried Pumfu Stir-fry is a one-bowl recipe. Can be prepared in only 30 minutes, and enjoy the taste of lovely stir-fry. Curry powder and Turmeric are mixed together to create another level of taste. You will fall in love with the fragrant aromatic taste at the start.

Moreover, organic coconut yogurt makes it creamy, consistent, and richer in taste. It’s a bold and delicious dish with faux tofu and vegetables. No extra spices, only healthy spices and a bulk of nutrients in a single bowl.


Pumfu1 pack
Olive oil1 teaspoon
Sea salt½
Mushrooms1 cup
Carrots½ cup
Green cabbage2
Yogurt2 tablespoons
Onion1 tablespoon
Broccoli spears½ tablespoon
TurmericAccording your test
Curry powder

7.Homemade Vegan Bacon

Homemade vegan bacon is an excellent recipe and helps prepare a healthy, soy-free, protein-packed, and plant-based dish. All the ingredients are marinated and mixed with maple syrup and spices. They bring some smoky flavor similar to smoked bacon. Isn’t it love? Indeed, it’s amazing. After all, baking is done to bring some crips in it. Bravo! You are good to go. Enjoy this delicious breakfast with other dishes in breakfast with the family.


Pieces of rice paper. 8-10
Garlic powder.1 tablespoon
Nutritional yeast.4 tablespoons
Tamari or Soy Sauce.6 tablespoons
Olive Oil.4 tablespoons
Maple Syrup.1 tablespoon
Ground Black Pepper, Smoked Paprika, and Mushroom Seasoning.½ tablespoon

8.Pumfu Breakfast Burritos

Pumfu breakfast burritos are perfect for vegetarians who eat only plant-based dishes. It’s healthy, nutritious, and good for everyone. It includes everyone’s favorite Pumfu with Bragg’s liquid aminos. A layer of soy sauce is added, which is a perfect nutritional yeast. It gives it a cheesy flavor and makes it a loaded dish. Yeast offers additional nutrients and tastes better than other traditional or regular burritos.


Red Onion.1 small
Pumfu (8 oz.).2 Packs
Pepper (diced).1 green bell
Bell Pepper.1 Red
Frozen Hash Browns. ½ package
Violife cheddar.1 Bag
Large tortillas.10 extra
Cooking Oil.1 tablespoon
Cup Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.1 tablespoon
Minced Garlic.1 tablespoon
Salt.1 teaspoon
Paprika.½ teaspoon
Nutritional Yeast.3 tablespoons

9.Breaded Pumfu Salad with Dairy-free, Mayo-free Ranch

Enjoy a crunchy appetizer with savvy breaded Pumfu salad. Serve with romaine lettuce and everyone’s favorite ranch sauce. In actuality, it consists of bread baked with several other ingredients and spices. They keep it tasty and healthier. No doubt, it’s a great source of happiness on the dining table and a completely homemade dish. Yeah! It’s mayo-free, dairy-free, and full of cravings. We use some extras to make it more mouth-watering for you. For example, dairy-free plain yogurt, ranch sauce, herbs, spices, and a combination of almond milk. Wow! You will just get a full bowl of savor

Breaded Pumfu Salad with Dairy-free, Mayo-free Ranch


Pack Pumfu.1
Almond Flour.½ cup
Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and JS Spicy Salt.1 teaspoon
Beaten Egg.1
Dairy-free Yogurt.1 container (5 oz.)
Dried Dill.¼ teaspoon
Chopped Chives and Ltalian Parsley.1 tablespoon
Red chili pepper flakes.According your test
Romaine Lettuce (Chopped).2 cups
Radishes (thin slices).¼ cup
Sprouts.¼ cup
Buffalo source.

10.Pumfu Thai Curry Lettuce Wraps

Thai foods are always delectable, and Pumfu Thai curry lettuce wraps are one of them. It might be your next meal at home with Thai curry paste. It’s marinated with yellow mustard, a little spicy sauce, and some Asian flair. Moreover, the Pumfu is completely coated with several sauces and cooked for a while.

I recommend you cook it with ginger, garlic, and vinegar. In the end, lettuce wraps are made with spicy mustard, sweet sauce, and cooked Pumfu. Spread some sesame seeds, carrots, and serve your family. Yeah! It’s a super tasty meal.


Pumfu. 8 OZ
2 Tbsp Coco Aminos.1 Tbsp
Oyster Sauce.1 Tbsp
Worcestershire sauce.1 Tbsp
Yellow Onion. 1
Salt & pepper.
Head Butter Lettuce2
Sesame SeedsAccording your test
Medium-sized carrots.2
Ketchup.1 Tsp
Thai Curry paste.1 Tsp
Ketchup.1 tsp
Thai Curry Paste.1 Tsp


Tofu has less protein than Pumfu. If you want to double up your protein consumption with savvy flavor, Pumfu might be your ideal choice.

It consists of a few important ingredients such as Non-GMO pumpkin seeds, filtered water, and others. It’s a tofu with extra film, nutty flavor, and better texture. It brings 17g of protein per serving.

No, Pumfu is a ready-to-cook item, no waiting and pressing is required. Just choose your desired recipe and make it ready in a few minutes.

Its preparation is similar to regular tofu. Consists of organic pumpkin seeds and soy-free. Just addd your desired ingredients in a pre-pressed pumfu and it will be ready.

Fortunately, it’s easy to store Pumfu if you want to enjoy it later. The method is just to keep it in the refrigerator.

If you buy it from outside, check the expiration day written on the box. However, after opening it, use it within the next 5 days.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these are the best Pumfu recipes, they are easy to make, time saving, and do not burden your pockets. The texture, spices, and other ingredients are healthy. You will surely enjoy the nutty and distinct taste of each dish. If you already have tried Pumfu, try these too at least once. Have a great meal with Pumfu!