8 Best Smoked Cocktails For Next Party With Smokey Flavor

8 Best Smoked Cocktails

Are you a BBQ-smoke lover or want to impress your loved one with something smoky? Smoky cocktails are trendy and everyone’s favorite for all seasons on the dining table. Relish a happy hour menu with smoked cocktails, a contemporary masterpiece. Get something lavishing with cream, sauce, bold, fruit, or herbal. Yeah! It’s all about smoky cocktails, a perfect combination of happiness and taste.

It’s not a single dish, but we brought several recipes to enjoy according to your taste. Whether it’s a next-day party or someone special is coming to visit you, these unique cocktails will spread smiles on their faces. Let’s learn more about some of the best cocktails, their preparation, and much more. Let’s read!

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What Are Smoked Cocktails?

Smoked cocktails bring the traditional cocktail in a new smoky style. The smoky look brings more visual attraction with an amazing aroma of smoke. Get a new and delicious aroma of your favorite cocktail for another level or experience, especially in the lights. Preparing a smoky cocktail with a blend of required ingredients is an art. Don’t worry; the preparation is pretty simple and sensational. So, spice up your upcoming dinner with a simple smoky cocktail described in the following:

Sugar1 Tsp
Smoking gun
Angostura bitters (4 dashes)
Large ice cube (as per your desire)
Water1/2 Tsp
Cocktail cherry for garnish
Bourbon whiskey4 Tbsp
Orange peel for garnish

How To Prepare a Simple Smokey Cocktail?

  • Step 1: Take a sugar cube and add a little bitter. Put orange peel and cocktail cherry in a separate glass. Take the smoke gun and produce smoke, covering it with a pitcher.
  • Step 2: Wait at least 2 minutes, fill the smoke again, and wait more.
  • Step 3: Get the cherry and orange peel out of the glass.
  • Step 4: Fill the little water and stir the sugar cube until it dissolves a little.
  • Step 5: Now add bourbon whisky (in your desired amount) and mix well.
  • Step 6: Add the ice cube.
  • Step 7: Squeeze the orange peel to extract oil. Spread it all around the glass and place it into it.
  • Step 8: Use cocktail cherries for garnish.
  • Step 9: Again add smoke for 2 minutes and serve.

Amazing Smoked Cocktails To Prepare At Home

The primary difference in smoky cocktails is the unique use of smoke with delicious garnish. The ingredients are slightly different, but the smoke plays a crucial role. Some people like herbs for garnish, and others use different fruits. Following are some most-loved cocktails with smoky flavors to relish whenever you want.

1.Smoky Mezcal Negroni

Get a classical taste with a classic Negroni. There is no rocket science in preparation, only with simple smokey syrup and mezcal. For preparation, preheat the broiler on an average flame, taking a rack up to 3-4 inches from the flame. Dry the orange slices with a paper towel. Bake them on the baking pan for 10 minutes from all sides. Let it cool, and add ice to the glass. Add other ingredients, including sweet vermouth, Campari, and smoked simple syrup. Mix well and serve with a garnish of orange wheel.

Smoky Mezcal Negroni
Orange (sliced)1
Ounce Campari1
Ounce smoked simple syrup1/4
Ounce mezcal1
Ounce sweet vermouth3/4

2.Smoked Old Fashioned

Enjoy a classical-style cocktail with a twist of smoke. It’s called old fashioned as the smoke goes through the process up to 3 times for final preparation. The flashy look makes you eager to take another sip with your loved one. Do you want to try it at home? Put bitters, water, and sugar into the rocks glass. Stir well to mix till dissolving sugar. Add some rye or bourbon. Take an old fashioned smoker, i.e., a smoking tube or gun, and fill the glass with smoke. Wait 1-2 minutes and enjoy yourself with a beautiful look. You can drink it with or without ice (optional).

Smoked Old Fashioned
Bourbon or rye
Angostura bitters
Orange peel (for garnish)

3.Dragon’s Breath Cocktail

Thanks to the Dragon Breath cocktail, filled with beautiful mesquite smoke. A beautiful presentation makes your mouth water, and you will surely get another sip. First, get your desired smoker with sawdust and test the smoke firing. Wash a brandy snifter, put the smoker tube into it, and fill it with a lot of smoke. Don’t stop filling the smoker until it becomes visible through the glass.

Cover the brandy snifter so the smoke does not escape, and turn it upright. Put the ice cube, add St-Germain, bourbon, simple syrup, and Cointreau, and stir well. Remove the cover and put the cocktail into it immediately at once. Make sure the smoke should spill from the glass. Don’t forget to serve with garnish.

Dragon's Breath Cocktail
Simple syrup1 Tsp
Lcecubes (4-6)
Garnish Optional

4.Smoked Bloody Mary

Get your most-awaited cocktail ready within a few minutes. Yes, Smoked Bloody Mary has some protein and other necessary nutrients. A single serving brings 265 calories; that’s why it’s also known as an energy booster. The direction is to start cooking the bacon in a large pan. Cook only on medium heat until it turns golden brown, having crisp. Mix all the ingredients, such as vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, celery salt, and pepper.

Cool the mixture in the refrigerator and pour it into the glass with ice cubes. In the end, add a little celery and bacon for a better taste and serve.

Smoked Bloody Mary
Stalks celery (with leaves)
Peppered bacon 6 slices
Freshly ground pepper
Tomato juice3 ¼ Cups
Celery Salt½ Tsp
Bacon-Flavored vodka1 ¼ Cups
Worcestershire sauce2 Tsp
Hot Sauce2 Tsp
Fresh lemon juice⅓ Cup
Horseradish1 Tbsp

5.The Goblet of Fire

The movie-inspired cocktail has fiery, bubbly, and red drinks. Mixed blackberries are the primary ingredients for creating taste with a boost of sweet honey and spices. A little spice and sweet combination to prepare a delicious Goblet of fire. First, mix the blackberries, bitters, rum, rosemary, and honey in the cocktail shaker. Extra juice from the berries and add ice. Add some smoke with a smoking gun and put the ice cubes to chill. Enjoy!

The Goblet of Fire
A splash of rum
Ounces gold rum2
Fresh rosemary1-2 Tsp
Dashes bitters2
Honey1-2 Tsp

6.Campo Viejo

A delicious cocktail and date back to Boston. A beautiful combination of unique ingredients, including Mezcal, Benedictine, Bitters, and Fernet Branca. It has 3:1 of the other similar smoky cocktails; that’s the main reason for its unique taste. Suitable to serve guests or enjoy with your loved one better than alcohol. Amazingly, the ingredients boost your rhythm and give you another level of pleasure. Moreover, the preparation is pretty simple. Put all the ingredients into the glass and stir well to make a homogeneous mixture. Bravo! Campo Viejo is ready to serve with ice cubes.

Campo Viejo
Rye1 ½ OZ
Dish of bitters1
Mezcal1 ½ OZ
Dish Bitters, Angostura1
Fernet Branca1 ½ OZ
Benedictine1 ½ OZ
Ice cubes
Garnish Optional

7.Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita

Everyone’s favorite and easiest smokey cocktail on our list. Get a full fall of margarita, a splash of orange liquor, smoky mezcal, citrusy lime, spiced apple cider, and sweet maple. Beneficial to drink in autumn, but you can try it any season without issues. Yeah, it’s cozy and classical, but you will like to have more sips after one another. Use garnish to have special and extra touch.

For preparation, coat the rim of the glass with salted cinnamon sugar. Get a mixture of sea salt and cinnamon sugar in equal amounts. Now, swipe the glass rim with a lime wedge to coat it with sugar. Put tequila, apple cider, orange liquor, maple, and lime juice into the shaker and mix. Put into the glass and the garnish of rosemary, apple slices, cinnamon sticks, etc. Give a smokey touch with a smoker and enjoy.

Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita
Cinnamon sugar
Flaky sea salt
Apple slices
Cinnamon sticks
Ounces mezcal2
Maple syrup1-2 Tsp
Ounce orange liquor1/2
Lime juice

8.Smoked Manhattan Cocktail

Get something special than a 140-year-old cocktail with Smoked Manhattan Cocktail. It’s something special and stands out from other cocktails due to its delicious taste and quick preparation time. Consists of only three ingredients, and smoke adds the flavor. Moreover, you can change the ingredients, such as whisky, etc.

For it, select a whisky that you feel is right for it. Blend it with other ingredients. Hurrah! The cocktail is ready; you only need to give a smokey touch with a gun smoker for 2-3 minutes. Service with garnish and ice cubes.

Smoked Manhattan Cocktail
Bourbon whiskey2 OZ
Cherry wood chips
Weet1 OZ
Cocktail cherries2
Dashes of orange bitters2-3

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Final Words

In conclusion, we have covered the best-smoked cocktails out of several. Make sure to follow the mentioned instructions to get the right taste, and don’t forget to consider the mentioned quantities of the ingredients. You can serve these cocktails to your friends, family, or even guests on different occasions. They are also the best smokey cocktails to exhibit, like a BBQ party with alcohol and other ingredients. Try all of them and share your experience with us.