White Tea Shot – Recipe & Ingredients (An Ultimate Guide)

white tea shot

Refreshing drinks are necessary to energize and stimulate the nerves. Nothing is better than a relishing fruity shot recipe, especially in the summer. White Tea Shot might be your primary choice as it’s a resourceful drink. Cheer up! The white tea shot recipe is quite simple; you just need to shake up the ingredients, and it’s all done. Oh Yeah! It’s so refreshing.

For a perfect white shot tea, take peach schnapps, vodka, a bit of lemon juice, and a little amount of sweet syrup (if you like). Blend them to make a homogeneous mixture, and enjoy. Yeah! Your refreshing shake is ready. Drink or serve it to your friends or family in a beautiful glass.

Stuck with the procedure? No worries! This article gives all the details on white shot tea, its recipe, ingredients, tips, and everything you need to make this fruity drink. Must read and must try. Let’s begin!

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Introduction To White Shot Tea

Primarily, it’s an alcoholic beverage and is used as a simple, refreshing drink by people. It looks like green tea and is available in many other flavors depending on the alcohol. It was first introduced by Jameson Irish Whiskey. However, Jameson instigated the white-shot tea after that. More interestingly, many people still call it Green Tea Shot as it was prepared in green color for the first time.

In particular, the main ingredients are peach schnapps, vodka, sour mix, and a spatter of lemonade. Don’t forget that the white tea shot contains vodka rather than Whiskey. Instead of talking about green tea shots, the white one also has many variations. We have discussed a few important variations at the end of this article.

Similarly, the ingredients may change, such as people like to use sprite rather than lemonade for citrus. Everyone enjoys this relishing drink because of its delicious taste. I recommend you taste it at least once. You will probably enjoy it.

Does White Shot Tea Contain Tea?

Is there any tea in white shot tea? In actuality, White shot tea has no tea in it but alcohol or vodka. Likewise, green shot tea also does not contain green tea. White shot comes in several colors depending on the final ingredients you put in. Just after making it, it comes in a white or paler hue. Sometimes it gets ready in light white color, which is the origin of its name.

Besides tea, it brings several health benefits. According to the research conducted, it’s a great antioxidant. Your body further gets protection against the damaging effects of free radicals. Moreover, all its components make the process simpler and more straightforward.

Taste of White Tea Shot

It’s crucial to know the taste before trying it. It tastes like fruit juice, is tangy and sweet. The peach schnapps makes it tangy and sweeter. The sour mix has a fruity flavor, and lemoned adds a bit of citrus. In short, it tastes sweeter with a trace of citrus. Further change is made by adding any of them, i.e., vodka or alcohol. When you add vodka, the flavor will be of vodka, and the same goes for the alcoholic savor.

White Tea Shot vs. Green Tea Shot

A Quick Comparison

white Tea Shot

On the other hand, white tea shots have vodka (or alcohol) with the same ingredients mentioned above. That’s why its color is white or light White. Yeah! The taste is also a bit different.

Green Tea Shot

Recall that Jameson Irish Whisky made the first green tea shot. The key ingredients are a sour mix, lemon-lime soda (a little bit), and peach schnapps. Great appreciation for Whiskey, who gives such an awesome drink.

Best White Tea Shot Ingredients

Usually, there are only five key ingredients. If you know the right procedure and follow it up, you can make a perfect white tea shot – in a minute. Alcohol or vodka is easily available items on the market; otherwise, ordering online is a great option. Likewise, visit any nearest grocery store to get non-alcoholic items because ordering online might be late. Here check out the main ingredients below:

Vodka / Alcohol1 oz. (30ml) Vodka
Peach Schnapps1 oz. (30ml) Peach Schnapps
Fresh Lemon Juice½ oz. Lemon Juice (Fresh)
Simple Syrup½ oz. or 5 oz. Depending on the final amount
Ice CubesAccording to your taste

1- Vodka / Alcohol

Amount: 1 oz. (30ml) Vodka

It’s the primary ingredient to get the right taste of this fruity drink. It’s up to you whether you buy plain vodka or another one. I recommend you don’t go for flavored vodka because this drink has its own taste. I don’t recommend any brand but make sure to buy vodka from a reputable one.

2- Peach Schnapps

Amount: 1 oz. (30ml) Peach Schnapps

It’s the common ingredient to create a balance of taste with vodka. It provides a taste strength to the fruity flavor making the overall drink sweeter in taste. It’s also the ingredient of the Fuzzy Navel cocktail.

3- Fresh Lemon Juice

Amount: ½ oz. Lemon Juice (Fresh)

Lemon juice causes a citrus taste; therefore, it is needed in a minimal amount. I don’t recommend you go for packed or pre-extracted lemon juice because the taste might be affected. Always buy some fresh lemons and draw out the juice from them.

4- Simple Syrup

Amount: ½ oz. or 5 oz. Depending on the final amount

This crucial ingredient gives it a unique taste. It reduces the overall effect of the taste of vodka and lemon juice. It increases the sweetness and is readily available in any grocery store. Don’t want to spend money? Not a problem! Prepare it at home by mixing equal amounts of water and sugar in a non-stick pan. Heat it on the stove on a light flame till the sugar completely dissolves into the water, making a homogenous mixture. After that, leave it for a few minutes until it chills. Bravo! It’s ready to use as an ingredient in a white shot drink.

5- Ice Cubes

Amount: According to your taste

Last but not least, ice cubes are necessary for bracing beverages. Mix it with the shaker to keep all of them cool. After that, strain it into the glass and remove the remaining ice.

No doubt, it’s an awesome recipe, but you can go for the liquor of your choice. It’s just to give it a personalized taste. Try different tastes and remarkably you will like them.

Required Kitchen Equipment

The overall making of this fruity drink is easy, but it still requires some tools. Never mind! These are all kitchen equipment found in almost every home. Check out the key kitchen materials required for this purpose:

Trendy Shot Glass

These are special glasses made to measure liquor, drinks, or spirits. Due to this reason, they are known as shot glasses. All the beverages of vodka or alcohol are served in them as is tradition. Many regions of the world call them shooter glass or simple shooter. Moreover, you can get decorated shot glass from the market to increase the overall look. Moreover, using this glass is not mandatory if you don’t have the budget. You can serve or drink in a common glass in your home kitchen.

A Medium-size Cocktail Shaker

Mixing becomes easier when you buy a specialized cocktail shaker from the market. I always recommend you buy a medium-size shaker because it is easy to use and handle. If you buy bigger ones, you might be in trouble while mixing due to a lack of experience. It’s suggested to everyone because it shakes all the ingredients well to get the accurate taste of this fruity drink.

High-quality Strainer

Cocktail shakers come with and without strainers. Get a strainer to remove ice and other unwanted stuff if not included. It’s good to buy a small-sized strainer according to the size of the cocktail. It will filter all the unnecessary stuff and give you a pure fruity drink.

How To Make White Tea Shot

Step-by-step Guide

Make sure to collect all the mentioned tools and equipment before starting. Go to your kitchen and follow the mentioned steps to enjoy a white tea shot cocktail.

Step 1

Put All The Ingredients Into Shaker

First, prepare the ingredients and put them in a cocktail shaker, such as vodka, sour mix, lemon juice, peach schnapps, and ice cubes.

Step 2

Shake Well

It’s good to practice pouring drinking water into the shaker if you are trying it for the first time. After that, seal the cocktail shaker of all sizes and shake well. For this purpose, hold it in both hands, press with minimal force, and turn it sideways. In my opinion, continue shaking for almost 10-15 seconds or more if needed.

Step 3

Stain, Pour, and Enjoy

After the shaker, strain it properly, so no unnecessary stuff is left behind. Take the shot glasses, pour them, and enjoy drinking this relishing drink.

Important Tips

Tips always help you, and I have mentioned a few pros and tips to take care of while trying this recipe:

  • The preparation time is almost 1 year. However, you can go ahead of time by excluding the ice cubes from the recipe.
  • Don’t add ice to your friends, family, or guests before serving it.
  • The ice cubes (cold) reduce the taste of alcohol without disturbing the overall content. It’s good if you add chilled alcohol from the refrigerator.
  • It’s great if you make sweet, sour drinks at home just to give your desired taste.
  • Storing is straightforward. Keep it in a refrigerator or any sealed container. It will not get out of order even for several months.
  • Replace the lemon juice with a sprite for citrus soda.
  • Chill the alcohol more to reduce its taste in the cocktail.

Don’t Forget To Try Some Delicious Shot Recipes

Here are some must-try shots for you:

White Tea Shot with Rum

It’s not tea but made with a white tea shot. Utilize the lost tea leaves and white tea bags. Don’t use black tea; otherwise, the taste will be ruined.

Green Tea Shot

It’s similar to the white tea shot, but alcohol is excluded from the ingredients. Its color is green, and has a blend of Whiskey, sour mix, lemon-lime soda, and peach schnapps.

Washington Apple Shot

It’s similar to the green sour apple juice with a somewhat better taste than this. Most people like it due to its color and delicious taste. I’m sure it will not disappoint you if you taste it once in your life.

Lemon Drop Shot

It’s an appetizing vodka or alcoholic shot and is specially used at weddings, weddings, birthday parties, and much more. The taste is similar to a classic lemon drop candy and refreshing too.

Frequently Asking Questions

It consists of five main ingredients: vodka/alcohol, sour mi, peach schnapps, ice cubes, and a splash of fresh lemon juice. You can also try different versions and use sprite instead of lemon-lime soda.

It’s recommended to add 1 oz. of alcohol to a shot glass of white shot tea. According to the volume, alcohol weighs almost 40% – 50%.

Of course, it tastes like alcohol because vodka is its main ingredient. Besides, the overall taste is a mixture of all the essential and fundamental ingredients.

On average, it’s not costly but a little more pricey than other drinks. If you visit a bar, you will get it for $10. On the other hand, you can enjoy it economically if you try it at home.

Yes, many pieces of research show that it’s healthy for the human body. Use it for weight loss or boosting your metabolism; this refreshing drink might be your perfect choice.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, a White tea shot is the drink if you want to relish something refreshing with a hint of sweetness. It’s up to you how you enjoy it because there are several ways to take pleasure in a yummy drink. Go night out on the town, hang out with friends, or enjoy at home with your spouse. Don’t forget to try the other version of the white tea shot. I assure you will love this drink.